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All the Parables of Mathew 13 – $12.00
A study of the eight parables Jesus taught as recorded for us in Mathew thirteen. They contain a prophetic view of the Church Age when each parable is kept in its context with interpretations made from historical guidelines. A great insight into the Church age from beginning to end as taught by the Master teacher, Jesus. This can be used as a Home Bible Study or as lesson guidelines for the teacher who desires to teach a Biblical view of these parables.


Trail of Blood – $6.00
5″x7″ spiral bound Book of the original Trail of Blood. The pull out chart is 17 inches.


The Book of James – $12.00
A study of the Book of James by Evangelist Dave Armstrong, a sound Bible teacher and pastor of over 40 years.


The King James Bible – $12.00
No Description


Heartbeats of the Holy – $6.00
No Description


Trail of Manuscripts – $3.00
No Description



Babylonian Series (4 CD’s) – $25.00
#1 Mystery Babylon – An hour of teaching on  Historical Babel and Babylonianism
#2 Religious Babylon – An Hour of teaching on end-time religion of revelations 17&18
#3 Political Babylon – An hour of teaching on the antichrist and tribulation politically Revelations 17&18
#4 Commercial Babylon – An hour of teaching on commerce and the mark of the beast from Revelations 17&18


Creation Series (4 CD’s) – $25.00 Each CD is approximately one hour in length
#1 Days One and Two of creation
#2 Days Three and Four of creation
#3 Days Five and Six of creation
#4 The mechanism of the Flood and the re-structuring of Earth for the millennial reign of Christ.


Olivet Discourse (2 CD’s) – $13.00
A close look at Jesus teaching concerning the three questions that the disciples had asked.


UFOs and the Bible (2 CD’s) – $13.00
A great deal of research is involved in these two sessions. As time draws closer to the end of this age the deception of the devil will continue to increase.  The amount of interest in Aliens and UFOs is found everywhere.


Are Aliens among us? – $7.00
Great deal of research is involved in this study. Aliens are supposed to have been involved from our earliest history and a lot of intrigue surrounds this subject in the world today. Is there a Bible explanation?


Nine Wars to Come – $7.00
A chronological look at the nine wars yet to come found in the Bible.


The Battle of Psalms 83 – $7.00
A look at the battle described in Psalms 83 and the current names of the countries that are identified for us in Scripture. These are the inner ring of Arab counties determined to destroy Israel in our times.


The Book of Revelations – $7.00
Walk through the Book of revelation in and hour setting.


Resizing the Foot of the World – $7.00
A look at how the world is reshaping to fit the ten toes of Daniels prophecy.


Is America in Bible Prophecy? – $7.00
The question is often asked with various answers given there is one place for sure Joel 3:2.


The Church, the Rapture, & the Tribulation – $7.00
The order of events as laid out in the Scripture. Many are troubled over this when the Scripture is clear.


When History Repeats Itself – $7.00
A comparison of the third horseman of the Apocalypse and the events of Joseph in Geneses 47.


Daniels Three end-time gods – $7.00
Daniel spoke of three gods that would influence the world in the days of the antichrist. What could they be?


Birth-pangs of the End-times – $7.00
Ten events prophesied prior to the tribulation.


Questions Answered about the Christmas Story – $7.00
Historical & archeological evidences surrounding the birth of the Saviour.