Walk Through Time Conferences

The Walk Through Time Conference (WTTC) is a series of messages which start in Geneses and end with the Book of Revelation. It is a blending of information from science and the Bible, historical documentation, prophecy fulfilled, archeological discoveries, and prophetic events present and future.

Personal experience, having been a part of the Creation Evidence Museum since its inception in 1982 and archeological expeditions including Israel, provide a personal insight to Scriptures that help God’s people to see their Bibles more real and relevant, inspiring them to believe God’s Word.

Six sessions are a part of the (WTTC), which normally start in the Sunday school hour through the Wednesday evening service.

The theme is the plan of God from eternity past to the future and the devil’s attack against it.  These two thoughts are followed from creation through the Antediluvian world, the flood, the tower of Babel, Abraham and his descendants, the promise kept at the birth of Jesus, the Church Age, and the events of the book of Revelation, which ends the devil’s attacks and God’s plan finalized.

A display of archeological evidences will be on display throughout the conference.